Wednesday, November 16, 2005

New whitepaper on HMC use of privileged users, security groups and permission

Conrad Agramont has written an interesting whitepaper that tries to accomplish the following -

The HMC solution includes documentation and deployment tools that will provide instructions for or will automate the creation of user accounts, security groups, and permissions. However, there isn’t a single view for all of the accounts and their "final” implementation. The purpose of this document is to provide such a view.
For anyone new to HMC it gives a good overview of the solutions use of accounts and security groups. It is based on HMC 3.0 - but so far that I can se it will also be applicable for the upcoming HMC 3.5 release (I'm in Redmond on HMC 3.5 training but we have been explicitly asked not to blog about the new features in HMC 3.5).

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