Friday, November 18, 2005

Live Communications Server resources - updated

So you are looking for Live Communications Server resources but finding that a bit hard? That might be because there aren't that many around. I have collected some of the resources I'm currently using or have been using in the past here -

  • General – Homepage for Microsoft LCS
  • Deployment - resources on LCS and Office Communicator - loads of info but a bit unstructured
  • Community - Links to blogs but not all are LCS related.
  • Product support - How-to articles, downloads and top KB articles
  • RTC Webcasts - On-demand and Live webcasts

Community pages

  • LCS Kid – Tom is a MS employee. Great info on LCS and its clients
  • Intense Collabage - Will Robinsons real world experiences with LCS/PIC
  • Joe Schurman – LCS MVP has a good FAQ that’s excellent for newcomers to LCS
  • Eileen Brown – Microsoft evangelist focusing on LCS, MOM and Exchange (A must read!)
  • The Goldfish Bowl – Graham Tylers blog on LCS, Sharepoint (Developer oriented)
  • The Collaboration Blog – General collaboration info including a few LCS articles
  • Realtime Blog – Mostly VoIP but also a little LCS
  • Bob’s Blog – LCS MVP mostly Exchange news

If you have other good resources (including your own blog) please feel free to write a comment!


Bob said...

Thanks for the linkage! - Bob Christian

Will D. Robinson said...

Not to self promote, but I am a consultant focused on the MS IW space and have been blogging for a few months. I focus on sharing technical challenges that we come across with our customers and more importantly, how we resolved them. My blog can be found here:

rajiv said...

sir ,
how to force a file transfer in Live Communication Server to pass through Server.
by default file transfer takes place through peer to peer.


Dennis Lundtoft Thomsen said...

There are two default options, either allowing file transfers or not.
There's also the option of enabling SIP High Security Mode that will encrypt P2P file transfers using TLS and installing the Intelligent IM filter to control allowed file extensions - but this is still P2P.
If you want to enforce file transfers through the server, then install a Antivirus product like Sybari Antigen (Now called "Microsoft Antigen for Instant Messaging"), when this is installed (Which a recommendation anyway) it will force file transfers through the server.