Sunday, November 20, 2005

Microsoft ActiveSync 4.1 has been released - updated for clarity

Most notably it will support devices running the upcoming Messaging and Security Feature Pack (MSFP a.k.a. AKU2) with the following feature enhancements (From MSFP) supported in Microsoft ActiveSync -
  • DirectPush Mail
  • Local device wipe
  • Certificate-based authentication
Now we have SP2 with the new mobility features and a new version of ActiveSync but we still need the most important part, namely the Windows Mobile 5 AKU2 update from our mobile device vendor (In my case HTC / Qtek) before the circle is full.

Btw. besides the integration to MSFP there also are a few new features to ActiveSync 4.1 -
  • New partnership wizard to help customers more easily setup a sync partnership
  • Faster transfer of data files including media
  • Ability to sync photos assigned to contacts from Outlook on the desktop
Download it from here


Michel said...

Just to clarify something here, in case it is misunderstood:

ActiveSync 4.1 is not really related functionally to DirectPush from Exchange.

ActiveSync installs on a PC and is used to communicate with a Windows Mobile device via USB, infrared, or Bluetooth. It does come into play if the device is synced with Exchange via the PC.

But DirectPush is about over-the-air (i.e., via a GPRS connection to the internet, provided by your mobile telecoms carrier) communications directly with the Exchange Server. It doesn't involve the PC, and thus ActiveSync plays no role in that.

My WM 5.0 device currently syncs beautifully with Exchange Server 2003 SP2 over my GPRS service, and as soon as MSFP comes out, I will upgrade and change from just a regular sync to real push. The key for that is MSFP. The new version of Active Sync doesn't relate to that.

Thought I would add that comment here, as I believe the post above could be unclear in that regard.

Dennis Lundtoft Thomsen said...

Hi Michel,

Thanks for your comment!

You're of course right about what the new push technology provides and how it relates to Exchange - but then again not entirely because setting up a synchronization relationship with a WM5 AKU2 (a.k.a. MSFP) device will require Microsoft ActiveSync 4.1 to be able to set up the new MSFP features directly from your PC / ActiveSync.

Thanks againg for your comment and I will rewrite the article for clarity.

Michel said...

Hi Dennis,

So you are saying that in order to configure FROM THE PC the MW5 AKU2 device to take advantage of the new possibilities provided by AKU2, ActiveSync 4.1 will be necessary.

Okay, that makes sense.

But am I right in thinking that, once the WM5 device is updated with AKU2, then one could also do the configuration directly on the device rather than from the PC?

Dennis Lundtoft Thomsen said...

Yes - when you have upgraded to WM5 AKU2 you will be able to configure it directly from the device itself.

Anonymous said...

Do you (or does anyone) know if/when the Treo 700w will get the MSFP functionality?

Beyond that, any idea if MSFP/Exchange SP2 will support multiple Exchange side contact folders? Thus far, it seems that the ActiveSync based contact sync only looks at the primary contact folder for an exchange account. In contrast, BES seems to allow visibility into ALL contact folders for a given mailbox.


Anonymous said...

Hello all,
Does anyone know how/if AS4.1 can be setup to sync w/multiple address books in a PDA?

Perhaps its a matter of setting Outlook up differently..any help will be appreciated...