Friday, January 15, 2010

Office 2010 x64 now fully working with OC and LiveMeeting Add-in

First part of the solution was the January Office Communicator Update to 6907.83 that solved the Outlook integration issues/error (Which forced me to “downgrade” to 32 bit Office).

The last part of this solution was the release of the 64-bit LiveMeeting add-in which can be found here and while you’re at it the update to the LiveMeeting console can be found here.

Before upgrading do remember that there is a problem with file uploading in LiveMeeting – only supported file format is native PowerPoint files. Also remember the workaround to make updating OC running 64 bit OS work correctly.

Happy installing/upgrading to 64 bit  ;-)


Mauri 'Jami' Järvinen said...

Office2010 x64 now fully working with #OC and #LM Add-in

Your Name said...

Upgraded everything, but my Outlook 2010 x64 crashes after start with conferencing add-in installed.

Anonymous said...

Broken links #homie