Monday, January 25, 2010

Interesting webcast from AudioCodes on OCS integration futures

Besides not being totally honest on what “other vendors” can do (E.g. NET and others provides most of these features and more on top), there were a lot of different interesting news -

They spoke about Direct Connect (Formerly known as “Advanced Gateway” functionality) that apparently is supported in all their gateways from MP11x series to the Mediant (Se their Application Note that doesn’t detail QoE / ICE support however).  The good thing about direct connect is that you get rid of the need to buy and deploy Mediation Server’s  (Bad news are that it’s officially unsupported – so AudioCodes / NET has to support these configurations directly)

Other more interesting functionality was support for third party PBX handsets (Again like NET VX1200 series) on remote locations and survivability for these (If they support it).  Also their own AudioCodes endpoints support registration to OCS, by proxying through their gateways to OCS (Which then handles call control). This includes support for Wideband and future support for presence.

Also Still time to see the #AudioCodes US prez running today at 12:00 noon (EST) / 09:00am (PST) - register here And a recorded webcast should also become available soon (I will update link to it).

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