Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Maybe I should redefine “Office 2010 x64 fully working with OC” ?

I have now been working with Office 2010 x64 a week or so as per my post Office 2010 x64 now fully working with OC and LiveMeeting Add-in. I have some intermittent problems though – when I log-in everything works fine, then on occassion I get an -


The problem appears after a while and then disappears again later. Integration seems to work fine except that this problem appears from time to time – did anyone get the same error or no error at all? (Perhaps with only one Exchange mailbox – I have two Exchange mailboxes which has other issues – so it may be part of this problem).


Ståle Hansen said...

I have the same issue. When I start Communicator it works fine, but after a while I get the same message. If I sign out and in the integration works fine for a while.

I use Office 2010 x64 with a single Exchange 2007 mailbox.

Dennis Lundtoft Thomsen [MVP] said...

Thx for reply - I will try to report it then