Monday, January 21, 2008

Office Communications Server 2007 Resource Kit

This must have and long-awaited book by Jeremy Buch, Rui Maximo and Jochen Kunert has now published. I know two of the authors and have seen some of the chapters including the OCS 2007 Resource Kit Sample Chapters published back in August and they are certainly worth reading for anyone who wants to go deeper than the wizards in OCS (Personally I learn best by reading, so I love these deep-dive resource kits).

There is one gotcha though that I saw some time ago. If you follow the Amazon link from MSPress on then you will end here -


It has a SRP of $59.99 and is already discounted to $35.99, which is not bad at all. But as you see in the top there's a small link to shopping at (Which is interesting to save shipping costs), resulting in the following -


the SRP is only discounted with 5% instead of 40% resulting in a total pricing that is doubled to approx $71,00 (With the normal overpricing we always pay on US books that have pricing in €/£/$) - Not good enough Amazon !

Anyway I have been promised a free copy of the book, but if you are out to buy one then watch out (And do consider shipping from US as a viable option).

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