Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"One Gateway equals one Medation Server"

This has been the mantra since the early betas of OCS . But now there seems to be a solution using SER made by the same author who also released the LCS / SER / Asterisk solution.

This is the current functionality -

  • One OCS Mediation routing to Many SIP Gateways - Yes
  • Outbound from OCS Call Completion - Yes
  • Inbound into OCS Call Completion - Yes - Does not route through SER
  • Far End/Telephone Disconnect/Hangup - Yes - Does not route through SER
  • Near End/OCS Disconnect/Hangup - Yes - Does route through SER

And this is the author's own visual representation of the call flow-

Find the full description and ser.cfg configuration file here.

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