Thursday, November 01, 2007

Microsoft Quality of Experience Monitoring Server RTW'ed

After you've deployed OCS and enabled Enterprise Voice (Even works with PC to PC Communication) you will get calls from users saying that I had this & this conversation and voice quality was really bad.
During the OCS beta's the only answer was "hmmmm .... ok - can you try again" but then later the rescue came from the QoE Monitoring Server Beta, which has now RTW'ed -

The QoE Monitoring Server is a new server role for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition. It provides the information that you need in order to better understand the media quality that your users are experiencing in your Office Communications Server 2007 deployment. With QoE Monitoring Server, you can do the following:
  • Gather statistics on media quality of locations or based on a grouping of subnets
  • Proactively monitor and troubleshoot media quality of experience issues
  • Perform diagnostics to diagnose VoIP user complaints
  • View trends which can help you with post-deployment growth and measure results against the service level agreement
The QoE Monitoring Server collects quality metrics at the end of each VoIP call from the participant endpoints, including IP phones, Microsoft Office Communicator 2007, the Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 client, and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 A/V Conferencing Server and Mediation Server. These quality metrics are aggregated and stored in a SQL database. The data can then be used to alert you to abnormal media quality conditions and also to generate routine media quality reports.

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