Monday, November 26, 2007


Note: The script has been updated, see this post.

One of the best features of PowerShell is the ability to do the same on the command line as in a script. Even Command Prompt do not support than.

But as VBScript is not dead yet - I'm currently doing more than 3000-lines of it - this script is useful as it allows you to execute VbScript interactively. It has two uses: 1) Test VBScript details without having to run a huge script 2) Use VBScript features than you do not know how to do in PowerShell.

The script Invoke-VbScript.ps1


function PrepareVB {

$vb=new-object -com MSScriptControl.ScriptControl

if ($ExecuteStatement.isPresent) {
else {

Execute command example -

PS> Invoke-VbScript -exe 'msgbox("hi")'

Evaluate expressions and return result example -

PS> $name=Invoke-VbScript 'InputBox("Enter your name","Test")'

Have fun!

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