Monday, May 21, 2007

Windows Mobile 6 - A Good Introduction

Spent 10-15 minutes (I did not time it) on seeing this flash demo about WM6.

The demo walks through our three pillars; Advanced Mobile Communications, Increased Mobile Productivity, and Integrated Mobile Business Performance. It is targeted at customers who would like to learn more about our native capabilities, mobile messaging, security and device management.

There are some nice features in WM6 -

  • You can start using mail flagging in Outlook 2007 and have it work with your mobile device
  • You can read and change Office documents
  • Pocket IE has been improved (I'm currently using Opera Mini for some browsing as PIE is too slow)
  • You can deploy you own root certificates without having to mess around (this has been one of the hot issues in this blog)
  • It supports SSL wildcard certificates
  • And much more...

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