Friday, May 11, 2007

Group Policy improvements coming

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance - luckily abbreviated to MDOP as I almost lost my breath pronouncing it - is coming May/July/Summer 2007. Some none-rebranded versions of the products are available now.

MDOP is a collection of tools/features and is only available to SA customers -

  • SoftGrid software virtualization
  • Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset (read Wininternals tools)
  • Microsoft Asset Inventory Services (the long awaited license management solution, also appearing in SMS 2003 SP3 as Asset Intelligence)
  • Microsoft Advanced Group Policy Management (read GPOVault from DesktopStandard) - AGPM.

The focus here, is the interesting AGPM. The features are -

  • Granular administrative control
    • Robust delegation model
    • Role-based administration
    • Change request approval
  • Reduced risk of widespread failures
    • Offline editing of GPOs
    • Difference reporting and audit logging
    • Recovery of a deleted GPO
    • Repair of live GPOs
  • Enable effective Group Policy change management
    • Creation of GPO template libraries
    • Subscription to policy change e-mail notifications
    • Version tracking, history capture, and quick rollback of deployed changes

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