Sunday, March 18, 2007

Updated Office Communicator 2005 hotfix package

Microsoft has released a new hotfix package KB 92900 described in "Description of the Communicator 2005 hotfix package: February 16, 2007". .

Based on the files replaced, the build numbers and the issues fixed its a cumulative update and therefore, as seen before, replaces the October 19, 2006 hotfix package dubbed KB 926404 and all the earlier updates.

Interestingly it fixes an "issue" I have seen at a customer where the custom help link wouldn't launch unless it was part of Trusted Sites zone in Internet Explorer (Which can be/is an issue in global deployments of LCS, where clients aren't centrally managed).

New fixes are -
  • A custom help option that uses a fully qualified domain name does not work in Communicator 2005
  • An access violation error may occur when you try to exit Communicator 2005

And the old fixes still included are -

  • Error message when you try to use Communicator 2005 to log on to Live Communications Server
  • Communicator 2005 does not start on a Windows 2000-based computer
  • Communicator 2005 contact list may incorrectly list a contact as "Status unknown"
  • Your telephone calls are not forwarded after you sign in to Communicator 2005
  • Some of the audio control buttons are missing when you resize the Conversation dialog box to its minimum size in Communicator 2005
  • A contact cannot be found in Communicator 2005
  • A short delay is experienced before music or a voice message is heard in Communicator 2005
  • Advanced VoIP calling features are unavailable in Office Communicator 2005
  • The status indicator may incorrectly display the Away status for your presence status in Communicator 2005
  • Communicator 2005 may quit unexpectedly when it tries to retrieve the free/busy information from an Outlook calendar
  • You can use a copy-and-paste operation to transfer the contents of a file when a policy that disables file transfers is applied to a computer that is running Communicator 2005
  • Internet Explorer unexpectedly closes when you refresh a Web page
    A telephone number may contain a clock icon instead of the number zero in Communicator 2005
  • Error message when you try to shut down Windows: "End Program-WMS Idle"
  • You experience poor video quality in Communicator 2005 running through a multipoint control unit
  • Communicator 2005 responds to invitations to conversations with a "Busy" reply


Anonymous said...

Has anybody come across the issue where it quit unexpectedly at random times of the day? The hotfix package seems not to have fixed this issue with the patched version showing the expected sub version of 216.

Anonymous said...

I have an issue where group sends only send to the first person in the list. I hope this hotfix addresses that one.

Dennis Lundtoft Thomsen [MVP] said...

I have had Issues on Vista/Office 2007, where Office Communicator 2005 quits unexpectedly - but since I reinstalled my machine approx. a month ago there hasn't been any problems.

We haven't seen the problem regarding the group send issue - so I cannot comment on that one either :-|

AMCO, CIP, Lima said...

Apparently LCS 2005 does not suppport video on Windows 2000 - any fixes or lash-ups as we have some legacy Apps users running 2000.

Mark said...

I can get Office Communicator 2005 installed with the latest hotfix from Microsoft and it connects fine. When it brings in your list all users on the list are "Status Unknown" but I can chat with them. Anyone come across this.