Friday, July 28, 2006

New Office Communicator 2005 hotfix

Microsoft has released a new hotfix for Office Communicator 2005 as described in KB921348. It contains the following fixes -
  • Advanced VoIP calling features are unavailable in Office Communicator 2005
  • Internet Explorer unexpectedly closes when you refresh a Web page
  • A telephone number may contain a clock icon instead of the number zero in Communicator 2005
  • Error message when you try to shut down Windows: "End Program-WMS Idle"
  • You experience poor video quality in Communicator 2005 running through a multipoint control unit
  • Communicator 2005 responds to invitations to conversations with a "Busy" reply
  • Communicator 2005 stops responding during a video conversation with Communicator 2007

I guess it must be cumulative and include the updates from the February 10th hotfix(KB903928) as it also updates Communicator.exe, now updated to build 183 (From 121).

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