Wednesday, January 31, 2007

PowerShell for Vista and why I discovered that two days delayed - or: How to rebuild the pim.vol file

I normally update all my RSS feeds on my Vista PC. The feeds are stored in Outlook 2007, replicated to our Exchange server and finally synchronized to my Qtek 8310 SmartPhone. I normally check the feeds first on my phone, so short ones or uninteresting entries can be deleted when I have a few minutes to spare.

But today, I browsed the feeds from my PC and I realized, that synchronization to my phone must be broken. I read that PowerShell - finally and long waited - was RTW for Vista (get x86 version here). BTW: I just love that the file name starts with Windows6.0 - :)

So over to the phone. Synchronization would not even start!! I could start it from within the inbox, but got an error. Last time I got a similar error, I unsynched my email and resynched again, but this time that was insufficient. I also asked a question about freeing up or moving the PIM.VOL file but did not get any feedback.
Well, I tried to unsynchronize everything - but it still behaved weird on the resync, so I decided to jump out into it - I renamed the PIM.VOL file to PIM.OLD, restated the phone and voila, I got a brand new PIM.VOL. I deleted PIM.OLD, setup synch and everything worked. And my PIM.VOL file is now 'only' 1.5MB compared to the old 2.1MB. This leaves 1.69MB free on the phone. So nice to always have a backup of the important data on the Exchange server.

So, let's get PowerShell on Vista and maybe my XP laptop will gather more dust now...

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