Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Great Windows Mobile 5 utilities

Came across these nifty tools the other day from maniac (Danny Baumann, I presume).

The coolest of the small utilities is called CellPhoneSwitcher and is based on a very clever idea – make the phone change settings depending on the cell the phone is connected to! I wish I have had that idea.

In this way, you can turn on wireless automatically when you come home and turn it off when you leave. You can do the same with a lot of other settings as well -
  • Change profile
  • Change Bluetooth status
  • Execute a program
  • Vibrate (short for entering the cell, long for leaving it)
  • Change the home screen
  • Show a message
    Play a wave sound
  • Change the phone's wave volume
  • Notify Automatic Keylock (which must be installed separately)
  • Switch Wifi (Wifi-enabled WM5 phones only)
  • Enable flight mode

See for yourself, the downloads are found here .

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