Saturday, July 01, 2006

Remote Desktop goodies in Vista

When you use multiple monitors (Like I do) then this is nice little trick.

In Vista (Build 5456) there's a commandline switch called /span that will allow the remote desktop to span across multiple monitors (I often help Service Providers or manage our own network by using a single server/workstation as a jump-host to the rest of the systems, sometimes doing it while writing documentation in a Wordpad document or the like in the same Remote Desktop session, so this is a very useful addition to mstsc).

Other enhancements are two-way pre-authentication when connecting to Vista/Longhorn Terminal Services and the possibility of using a TS Gateway, that will allow you to connect through HTTPS/443 to a Gateway server, that again will connect to Terminal Services inside the network (Thereby avoiding the use of VPN and 3389 in and outgoing on the network - the latter being a real advantage when you are connected to e.g. a customers network).


Anonymous said...

We have investigated the TS Gateway for remote connecting with RDP, but so far, it seems a pain to maintain.
We are in a shared office (Regus), so we cannot easily configure incoming ports.
So we found another neat solution called WallCooler (
It gives us access to the office network without much config.
Working well so far.
The TS Gateway is limited to RDP, but we also need to access files directly and also use remote assistance for remote support. I have read somewhere that TS G can support Remote Assistance, but could not find much on this.

Anonymous said...

Seems like I misstyped the link: is the correct one.