Monday, November 16, 2009

PowerShell 2.0 *is* supported for Exchange 2007 SP2

In case you wondered, the greatly improved PowerShell 2.0 can be installed on servers running Exchange 2007. But you must be running Service Pack 2.

BTW: You cannot find PowerShell v2 on You have to go to


rudyschockaert said...


You mention Service pack 2 of Exchange 2007 is required before Powershell 2.0 can be installed. I have heard tht abefore, but I cannot find any official statement of this. Do you know where I could find this.

Draek said...

Even in PowerShell v2. the Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Admin snapin is only for PSVersion 1.0

The fact that they say its compatible with PowerShell v2.0 is false.

Name :
PSVersion : 1.0
Description : Admin Tasks for the Exchange Server

[PS] C:\windows\system32>get-host

Name : ConsoleHost
Version : 2.0