Tuesday, November 03, 2009

OCS Cumulative Server Update Installer

One of the biggest serviceability issues with OCS 2oo7 R2 hotfixes, has been that you as an admin had a list of 17 (Seventeen – yes) different hotfixes that you had to apply to the correct server/role. This could be done by checking the 13 (Thirteen) different server roles and the list of updates that applied to them and then manually installing each and every of the necessary updates separately.

This “design issue” has now been mitigated with the “Cumulative Server Update Installer”, that basically checks each server, its roles and then suggest and applies the necessary hotfixes to your OCS Server (How hard can it be ;-).

So one installer (and one download, that contains all the hotfixes), that handles all servers/roles and it can be done either through GUI or scripted through Command Line.

You can download the installer from KB968802 that contains a list of all the updates (October Patches), a description of the process for updating and a download link.

At the download site you can download each update, but just scroll down to the download called “ServerUpdateInstaller.exe” and only download this. Do note that you should execute it from an empty folder as it extracts all the necessary updates for the relevant server role on execution (After installation has been completed it removes updates and only logs from each applied update is left).

Below is an example from ServerUpdateInstaller executed on a mediation server:


As you can see it both lists existing installed version, the new updated version and not least a link to the hotfix KB.

Do note that the July Database Update found in KB969834 isn’t installed automagically, this update has to be run manually!

Good work Microsoft (And happy updating to all of you ;-)


Kenneth Skibsted Sørensen said...

Now that's a cool tool! And it actually seems to work :)

Post said...

And what is OCS??
Is it an Outlook add-on?
What can it do?
Is it a Microsoft product?
Or is it just another TLA?
Peter, London

Dennis Lundtoft Thomsen said...

Office Communications Server ;-)