Friday, June 26, 2009

Response Group Configuration Tool not working properly ?

When you try to create a new Workflow in the Response Group Configuration Tool, you do not see the standard templates (just an empty list)

This is a problem related specifically to Windows Server 2008 and is caused by SPN names not always being registered correctly (In our labs it is maybe 1/3 of the computers experiencing the problem).

First you should check if you’re server names are registered correctly

SetSPN –L <OCSFE host name>

If you don’t see two http/<OCSFE host name> registrations then you should create them as follows

SetSPN –A http/<OCSFE host name> <OCSFE host name>

SetSPN –A http/<OCSFE FQDN> <OCSFE host name>

and then you can use SetSPN –L again to check that the records have been created correctly.

Second you should check that the account you are using is a member of the RTCUniversalServerAdmins (This group works, I haven’t tested if less administrative rights can do the same), if it isn’t then add it and Voila you should

Courtesy to Alex Lewis for providing part of the solution (He also recommends a 3rd step “open the IIS Admin tool. Open up the deploy virtual directory and choose authentication in the middle pane. Choose Advanced Settings from the action pane. From here, check the Enable Kernel Mode Authentication box.” – but this hasn’t been necessary in the places where I have seen the problem.

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