Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Using Live ID (a.k.a Passport) on your own site - for free!

Suddenly, it seems like you can do that now. I checked it out when Passport first came out and at that time you had to pay a lot to use the service. Now it seems to be free! I wonder whether you can integrate it directly into IISv6 - could be nice for customer access to our site and I could also see it used in combination with hosted Sharepoint (that I'm running for a small club - no more messing with passwords and email).

Benefits of Web Authentication

The benefits of incorporating Windows Live ID into your Web site include:

  • The ability to use Windows Live gadgets and controls to incorporate authenticated Windows Live services and data into your site.
  • An HTTP-based, platform-neutral interface for implementing Windows Live ID authentication in your existing site, even if it is hosted by a third-party.
  • Freedom from the technical details of authentication! The Windows Live ID authentication service handles this for you.
  • A huge user base: any of the millions of users who have a Windows Live ID can become a user of your site.

Read more in the SDK and get it here.

As soon as Live Id starts to support CardSpace (formerly Infocards) (seems like it is in progress), things are both easy for as well the administrator as the user.

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