Thursday, February 14, 2008

Get Active Directory object GUID one-liner

[guid]((([directoryservices.directorysearcher] "(samaccountname=theuser)").findall())[0].properties.getenumerator() | ? { $ -eq "objectguid"}).value[0]

Comments -

  • Construct a DirectorySearcher with an LDAP search filter

  • Surround expression with parenthesis to use the returned value (this technique is used multiple times)

  • Find all objects

  • Take the first (and only) by indexing with [0]

  • Get the properties

  • Convert to an enumerator, so they are available in name-value pairs

  • Filter out anything but objectGuid using Where-Object (?)

  • Get the first value, as the value is always a collection

  • Convert the value - it is a byte[] to a guid, by type-casting it with [guid]

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