Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Select NULL from Addresses?

Well, sometime I feel like nothing, null, zip, empty - but do they have to remind me???


On the other hand: A null may need some eLearning...


Anonymous said...


Rolf said...

Hi Per,
for those of other countries this is an obvious one! You have a last name that first letter got striked through.
For me it looks like a NULL ;-)
So you dicovered an advanced feature. Congratulations!!!

Per Østergaard said...

Hi Rolf.

Maybe that is the technical reason (even though that should not produce a NULL, it should produce garbage like I'm used to!) - but then they should improve and handle non-English characters - after all, there are more non-native-English speakers and native ones... And the inability to handle these is so 1990'th ;)