Thursday, April 12, 2007

Viridian and Virtual Server Timing Update (A.k.a. delayed)

Mike Neil who is the general manager for virtualization strategy has announced an updated/delayed timeplan for Viridian and Virtual Server -

The public beta of Windows Server virtualization will ship in the second half of 2007, not in the first half as previously disclosed.

Still 180 days after the longhorn release

The final version of
Virtual Server 2005 R2 service pack 1 now will be available in Q2, not Q1 as previously stated. In the interim, customers and partners can download a Release Candidate (RC) version later this month - this is code complete and an update to the current beta 2.

I still wonder why Virtual PC 2007 supports 64 bit guest OS and Virtual Server doesn't - anyway IMHO after approx. 6 months since the the release of beta 2 its about time for the RC ;-)

Read the complete announcement here. Originally seen here.

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