Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Correcting SIP address to match SMTP address

Stuart Bennet has created a nice little script that corrects SIP adressess for users that have a change in their Primary SMTP address. This is for users that would like to change the SIP URI when their SMTP address changes (And thereby ensuring that presence shows up correctly in Outlook etc.)

You can find the script here.

We (Actually Per) have created the same script using PowerShell for a customer and when Per gets his act up (Wink, wink) we may post the same and more samples in PowerShell (If he doesn't I will do it and take credit ;-)


fuscious said...

Does the script update every user's contacts to the new SIP domain suffix?

Unknown said...

If the users are internal users to the LCS Organization, then it is not necessary, they will be updated automatically with the new SIP address.
If your are thinking about external PIC Users from MSN/Yahoo/AOL then it's another story ;-)

Anonymous said...

Please post your PowerShell Script to update the lync sip address to match with the primary smtp address, thank you!!