Thursday, January 12, 2006

Issues with EASI passport domains, LCS and MSN Messenger

When implementing Live Communications Server (LCS) in your organization with Public IM Connectivity (PIC) support, you need to change your EASI passports (e.g. to either a or address - if the domain name (in this case is used in your LCS implementation.

The background/details are described in this article and the change can be completed directly through this link.

That was the easy part - but according to Will Robinson at Intense Collabage there are intermittent problems where, after the transition, contacts remain offline. The solutions is according to Will/MSN Support -

    • Log in to MSN messenger with new account name.
    • Export your contacts to a file (Option in Menus)
    • Delete all your contacts manually
    • Import the contacts file.
Btw. as I wrote earlier EASI passport domains are supported as contacts in LCS with PIC - but its still not updated in the KB (UPDATE - KB has been changed see EASI passport domains support for Live Messenger for further info).
Furthermore, there are problems with Windows Live Custom Domains and EASI passports (Might be that MS regrets ever offering EASI passport domain support ;-)

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