Monday, January 02, 2006

Hunting a better task list for my QTek 8310

I've been hunting a better solution for a while. My QTek 8310 does not allow me to edit my tasks etc., so the usefulness is limited...

I gave Oxios ToDo List 5.10 a run - it works on the same tasks as the built-in task applet and thus on my Exchange/Outlook tasks - but it could not open the task database.

Returning to the Oxios page, I found the solution. A 6.0a4 version - alpha - can be downloaded.

It seems to work. I now have 15 days to figure out whether it is worth the 13€. I'll let you know in a later post.

Check also the Today plugin. This enabled you to access tasks directory from the Home Screen and is freeware.

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