Friday, June 24, 2005

TechEd Europe T minus 9 days

Per and I will both be at TechEd Europe in Amsterdam. I'm personally looking forward to the Pre-Conference day with Jesper Johansson and Steve Riley on the topic "Be Secure: How to Build a Defense-in-Depth Strategy for your Environment - Today!" they are both great speakers and always fun to listen to (Even though they also can be busted as you can hear approx 17 minutes into this webcast where Steve just has been 'taught' by an MVP why 802.1x on Wired Lans isn't perfect and why a personal firewall in this case will lower your security ;-)

Anyway we look forward to seeing both former and current customers/colleagues and maybe even a reader or two (If its two its probably all of our readers ;-) My e-mail at TechEd will be or as usual

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