Wednesday, June 08, 2005

SAP Enterprise Portal 5.0 / AD Schema conflict

SAP Enterprise Portal 5.0 requires schema changes in Active Directory and if you have SAP installed with EP 5.0 SP5 Patch 3 hotfix 2 and higher or EP 5.0 SP6 Patch 1 then it is supported on Windows 2003 - but the schema changes made by SAP Portal conflicts with the Windows 2003 schema upgrade process. During the adprep /forestprep process you will get a failure with an error like "cn=uid,cn=schema,cn=configuration windows 2000 schema and extended schema does not match" and a message to contact your supplier/vendor responsible for the schema changes for assistance.

SAP Note Number 640923 addresses this and the solution is basically to change the DN from uid to SAP-UID and add some entries to SAP Portal that tells it where to look for its usergroupmap.

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