Monday, February 14, 2005

Nokia and Exchange Server ActiveSync

According to this press release (and a lot of blogs - too many to mention) Nokia has licensed EAS for their Nokia 60 and 80 Series. This is interesting news especially for Service Providers offering Hosting based on Exchange 2003 as one the advantages of this platform is the integrated mobile features (Be it ActiveSync or OMA) - the problem is that the penetration rate of Windows Mobile Devices was and probably still is very low compared to that of e.g. Nokia Mobiles (In Scandinavia anyway).
And IMHO Nokia Mobiles is still a better choice than the Windows Mobile powered devices I’ve used so far (Qtek 2020 and lately iPAQ 6340) and even though the battery lifetime and impressing feature set of the latter is very attractive – I’d prefer a stable PDA/Phone (I've had my Wireless repaired 2 times and its broke again; furthermore I've had issues with bluetooth and stability problems).
According to a Danish news source there should be an update on the way to fix the Wireless/Bluetooth problems with the iPAQ 6340 – when/if that comes and if it fixes the problems I’d probably change my mind as the iPAQ 6340 is very close to be the perfect Mobile/PDA device for me (I love the Wireless features and my TomTom Navigator 3 with Bluetooth GPS).

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