Friday, December 10, 2004

Using a Dedicated AD Site for Exchange

Microsoft just released a new paper on this. When running Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 or Exchange 2000 Server in larger environments, the frequency of queries to the Active Directory® directory service can be very high. Exchange Server uses its directory access component to communicate with Active Directory domain controllers and global catalog servers to perform tasks such as e-mail address lookups, distribution group expansion, Microsoft Outlook® client proxy, and referral services. With such a heavy load being placed on domain controllers, Microsoft IT optimized the performance of Exchange when communicating with Active Directory by creating a new Active Directory site and isolating domain controllers and global catalog servers just for Exchange. Get it here.


Anonymous said...

Is this almost a step backwards in a sense. i.e. in 55 Exchange had it's own dedicated directory service and now those clever bods at MS have customised the AD to provide Exchange with, wait for it...... it's own dedicated directory service - alomost.

Per Østergaard said...

I a sense, I can see what you mean. But this concept is more of using dedicated hardware - it is still - and this is the important thing - one logical dictionary.