Thursday, December 02, 2004

Re-released KB 817379 on ActiveSync and OMA errors that occur when SSL or FBA is enabled

This re-released KB discusses a problem (sometimes) occuring on a single server configuration (both Front-End and Back-End Exchange functions on same box). The problem it solves occurs when Forms Based Authentication and/or SSL is enabled on OWA - making the OMA/ActiveSync inaccessible.
The KB has gone through several iterations in both KB 817379 and later KB 822177 and they were both withdrawn from the web. KB 817379 appearently has been updated and re-released - I don't usually memorize KB's but as I can remember the now only 23 step procedure has been updated with both an export and an import (new step) of the Virtual Directory and a new solution (Setting up an FE server) has been introduced (And E2K3 SP1 fixes some of the problems we had with the old solution).

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Anonymous said...


I am about to follow KB 817379 suggested fix to overcome my problem with Activesynce and OWA but I would like to receive some feedback concerning security issue that may imply after impletmeting the KB procedure. My Exchange OWA required SSL authenication and one primary reason why I locked down my OWA is because basic authentication pass clear text password when user logon. KB817379 provide work around by creating another vitual directory that does not require ssl. What is the security risk do I have with users using activesync to synch to my Exchange server from a public network?