Monday, September 13, 2010

Communications Server ‘14’ gets its new name – Lync

Our NDA has been lifted and we can now reveal the new name for the Communications Server '14 '.

The child has been named Lync, which is a combination of the words Link and Sync. Microsoft describes the name as more in line with the experience you get with a true unified communications product.

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The forthcoming Communications Server "14" will thus be called "Lync Server 2010 and clients:

  • Lync 2010 (Corresponding Office Communicator)
  • Lync Attendant Console (As in OCS 2007 R2)
  • Lync Attendee to participate in web conferencing with audio-video when you do not have Lync (For example, external users who previously would have used Live Meeting Console)
  • Lync Web App which is the web-based client for web conferencing (without IP audio / video)
  • Lync Devices are network units running Lync Phone Edition phones or conference units connected directly to Ethernet and Lync Server.

Lync Server is available as a download in Release Candidate version on Microsoft's website. This version will work until February 2011th. There is also a Planning Tool ready, and Attendee console, see the Microsoft Download all Lync downloads.

In addition to downloads, you can take a look at or the press release.

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