Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Live Mesh Logs

If you are using Live Mesh, you may want to dig deeper into what it is really doing. To do so, I just found some interesting log files.

Mesh has a trace/activity log placed in C:\users\*\appdata\local\microsoft\live mesh\gacbase\Moe-*-*-*-YYYY-MM-DD-*.log. It seems to log quite a bit of information, so expect huge log files.

The file is a kind of CSV-file, but without headers. Luckily, Import-Csv in PowerShell V2 has a –header arguments, so you can decode the file using -

dir *.log | import-csv -header Date,Severity,Component,Number1,Number2,Number3,Message

As you can see, I have no clue as to what numbers 1 to 3 are for, but please comment, if you know.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Extremely useful information.

I would add that you usually want to do something that loops through a CSV such as:

$Users = import-csv C:\USERJOOMLAdata.csv -header name,email

foreach ($User in $Users){