Saturday, March 28, 2009

Free PowerShell eBooks

Just read/browsed two free PowerShell eBooks and here are my comments -

  • Frank Koch, Two books, An introduction for people with no real background knowledge and Administrative tasks. Available in German and English (only read the English version – even though I do read German). Worth a read – especially if you are new or still trying to get it. The latter covers a lot of the free add-ons you can get. The German shines through in some places in the English version, but I do not think that is too big a problem.
  • Keith Hill, Effective Windows PowerShell, 50 pages. You should read this if you have some knowledge of PowerShell. It covers the most important topics and goes quite deep into output formatters and parsing modes. Even longtime users may learn a few tricks. This books was updated March 2009 with some PowerShell v2 information.

Happy reading!

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