Thursday, November 06, 2008

ILM "2"

MIIS is a great engine for synchronization but the lack of a decent interface - for the administrator as well as for the end user - have made it necessary to either create a lot of code yourself or invest in other systems like Omada.
With ILM "2" (what a nice name...) the game has changed. While not as complete as Omada, ILM "2" seems to have a bunch of very useful features. I just attended an instructor led lab session here in Barcelona and the way and how easy you can do workflows and dynamic groups, makes a pure ILM "2" implementation possible - at least as a starting point or for simpler things. I haven't digged into ILM "2" too deep (yet), but what I have seen, seems ok.

Pull down an VHD with the RC-code from

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