Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mac Messenger 7 available

As announced earlier Microsoft has updated the Mac Messenger client to also support Office Communications Server 2007. Following are a few snippets (Source) showing some of the OCS related functionality of the client (It still supports Windows Live)

P2P or multi-party audio/video conferencing -

Messenger Contacts

Searching the Address Book -

Messenger Contacts

Use of Mac OS X Bonjour  to detect location and ability to add personal messages

Messenger Chat

Download from here.


Geoff said...

Any thoughts on when I'll be able to have a client that runs on Linux and is able to connect to our corporate OCS server?

Dennis Lundtoft Thomsen [MVP] said...

For Linux support you would use Communicator Web Access, but it currently only supports Presence and IM features.

Jan Peterson said...

Did you try the Mac Messenger? You know, its so funny - when you use a Mac, close the lid, walk home, open it again, continue to work - there is never any message box telling you that network changed, unavailable, blabla. No, the OSX software like iChat etc just understands that network changes happen.

Now Microsoft comes - and you close the lid, open it again, first prompt "Hey, can't reconnect - network problems". You have to wait the 5seconds until wireless is back and manually click on "reconnect"... Redmond, please start thinking about user experience.