Monday, July 23, 2007

CrapWare/BloatWare in downloads as well

Now that Dell lets you avoid bloatware a.k.a crapware, let us start a movement for having extra 'goodies' removed from downloads as well.

E.g. The other day, I updated Java and luckily remembered to use the advanced installation options, so I could uncheck the Google Toolbar. Come on, Sun! Why should I want a toolbar sneaked in, just because I need a Java update??

I actually find that it is OK (besides the wasted download bandwidth) to give me the option. I can understand that Adobe will be me the option of trying some of their other software, but Google Toolbar is totally unrelated to Java runtime. In any case - optional software must be unchecked by default!

So let me start a list of bloatware included in downloads -
  • Java runtime - bloated with Google Toolbar and Google Desktop
  • Adobe Reader - first it attempts to sneak in Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition. Next it will give me Google Toolbar.
  • Adobe Flash Player - Google Toolbar
  • Windows Live Messenger - bloated with Windows Live Toolbar, changes IE home page
  • DivX for Windows - bloated with Yahoo! Toolbar (added 2008-06-11)

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