Tuesday, June 05, 2007

TechEd day 1 - leaving for home early ;-)

The Roundtable device I am going to use for some of our UC Bootcamps has arrived in the office so I'm leaving TechEd early (Can't wait to play ... eerh work with it ;-)

For once I attended the Keynote and it was actually quite interesting - especially the vision around driving down cost using the Dynamic Systems Initiative. See the whole keynote at Virtual TechEd.

I had some concalls yesterday, so I only attended a few sessions, most interesting part of the day was more discussions with people from different product groups and a good dinner with one of my Microsoft contacts (Always interesting to talk to peers and especially learning about different cultures/backgrounds).

Nothing much else to say about yesterday - today I had a good MVP Deep dive session and talks with different program managers around the OCS SDK.

The result will be an updated version of my Populating users in Office Communicator / LCS post for Office Communicator 2007 including controlling Access Levels centrally (Access levels are basically showing some presence information like calendaring and phone details to selected contacts only - e.g. your own Team or Company).

The other result of yesterday will be a posting on STUN/TURN and ICE and how to configure networks/firewalls on the OCS 2007 A/V Edge Server.

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