Friday, February 09, 2007

Microsoft GM Scopes Out New Tools For Unified Communications Push

Interesting article from CRN -

The brave new world of unified communications will spur demand for new tools. And programming a system that combines PBX functionality, voice and data communication -- in real time and asynchronous -- is no small feat....

...When people think of platform, they focus on the APIs. While that's the center of gravity, thinking broadly, there must be a focus on things like tools, manageability and deployability, [which is] especially important in this space to all personas: the developer, the IT pro and the end customer," Debique told CRN. "This is a space where it's really important to make sure the connection between the application, the administration and the deployment of the application is very strong.

(Sadly details isn't publicly available until PDC in October 2007)

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