Monday, November 27, 2006

Oxios ToDo list v6.11

As you may know, I'm very fond of the little software add-on I have on my Smartphone called Oxios ToDo List. Well, recently I updated to v6.10 and then v6.11 - but both versions gave me problems with the edit task view, so I felt a little disappointed. Finally, I decided to figure out what the problem was yesterday evening (a Sunday). I uninstalled the product completed and reinstalled it - no change. I attempted to find an older version - but without luck. And finally, I did what I should have done right away - I took some screen shots and sent a mail to Oxios.

It is now 10 Monday morning. I have already received an email from Oxios telling me what the problem was. I have tested the fix (an old file ToDo.exe.0409.mui was left over) and replied that everything works just fine.

This story just to say, that this kind of support deserves all the credit it can get :)

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