Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Office Communicator Mobile updated

Microsoft has released version of Communicator Mobile (I was running 1.0.530.0 until now) and it includes the following fixes -

  • You are not notified that a "File Transfer" or a "Remote Assistance" request from Communicator 2005 to Communicator Mobile could not be delivered
  • The home screen layout on a Moto Q device changes when Communicator Mobile is installed
  • A "Call Computer" request in Communicator 2005 is not established when the recipient is a Communicator Mobile user
  • Nothing occurs when you single-tap the "My Status" screen in Communicator Mobile on a Pocket PC
  • ActiveSync may try to install the incorrect version of Communicator Mobile on a device
  • Updated phone forward settings may not be displayed on a Windows Mobile-based Smartphone that uses Communicator Mobile
  • The bottom of the text in the second row of a contact note is truncated in Communicator Mobile
See more information in KB919950.

NOTE that the uninstall/install process is a bit quirky. You need to change the today screen away from the "Communicator Standard" to something else and then reboot your device, before uninstalling the old version of Communicator Mobile.

Remember to check out Tom Laciano's post on support issues, that still seems to apply to this version of CoMo (And may I ask, when are you, MS, releasing an updated version of Office Communicator, I hope we won't have to wait for the 2007 release).

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