Monday, May 22, 2006

How to delete a contact for several users in LCS / Office Communicator

A little follow-up to my earlier post on Populating Users in Office Communicator / LCS. If you want to delete a contact for all users (E.g. for a employee leaving the company) - you can remove the /contactsgroup parameter and instead use the /delete paramater e.g. -

cscript LCSAddContacts.wsf /usersfile:contacts.txt
/contactsfile:delete.txt /delete
(Wrapped for readability)

The syntax of the contacts.txt and delete.txt input file is -

Check my earlier post for further info.


Alex said...

Great scripts autopopulate and this, but how can i don't display these little messages with the ok button. Because, i had to click on it 50 times for 5 users.


Dennis Lundtoft Thomsen said...

Hi Alex,

You need to write cscript in front of the script name e.g. cscript LCSAddContacts.wsf


Mark said...

Can I delete ALL contacts?

Dennis Lundtoft Thomsen [MVP] said...

Hi Mark,

You could easily change the scripts to dump the contacts list. And then delete them (Another unsupported method would be to delete them directly from SQL ;-)

Anonymous said...

any chance of a quick note as to how to delete contacts directly from SQL?

Nikolai D. said...

Hello everyone.

It's all good and well. But i am busy already several days with a issue that i still can't solve.

The script works good for adding contacts. But not removing them.

How is it possible to remove contact from comunicator list when user is removed from the group.

What is get now is that it don't removes contact if user is removed from the group.

Any suggestions anyone?

Best wishes,