Sunday, April 23, 2006

Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile released

I've been using Office Communicator Mobile since the first beta released last year and was happy to get an e-mail from the beta team, stating that it finally has been released to the web (And also last week I heard that the RC of Qtek 8310 AKU2 was released - so we will probably soon see the final version).

So what's in the product ?
  • A new Home/Today screen showing you availability
  • Presence on your contacts including federated and PIC users (Including their icons)
  • Contact information like "Idle since .." and Outlook calender information like "Free for next 2 hours"
  • Escalation from IM conversation to phone calls
  • VoIP calls through Wireless LANs (No firewall traversall though - so just internal within the companys network)
  • 3rd Party Call Control like changing your desk/work phone forwarding settings
  • E-mailing the content of an IM conversation
  • And much more ;-)
You can find information here -
And the download here.

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sallyhenderson said...

The Vocera Wireless Communicator system is based on the Microsoft Communication system and we love it. It's really working well in our hospitals.