Monday, July 04, 2005

Arrived at Teched Europe and looking forward to a interesting week

I arrived Sunday at the Golden Tulip Inntel which is nicely situated between the Dam place and the Central Station. Beside being a nice hotel it has free wireless and lots of shopping/restaurants and the Tram nearby as some of the best features.

I originally meant to follow the pre-conference day on security with Steve Riley and Jesper Johansson. Primarily because they both are hilarious speakers and their views on security are interesting - but the first two items on their agenda were Implementing server/client security on Windows. Those specific sessions I delivered as a speaker a year ago on one of the TechNet days in Denmark - so probably nothing new there :- Instead I joined John Craddock and Sally Storey on "Active Directory Internals the Sequel" for the morning (ldp tool advanced topics usually ;-) and then I'll probably switch back to Steve and Jesper for the afternoon sessions.

When I'm at TechEd I usually find some of the subjects that's in the future or that I don't normally specialize in myself and also I like to use quite a lot of time in the Hands On Labs. I personally use TechEd as a possibility of delving into Technology a whole week without thinking on colleagues, customers and family and this year is business as usual.

My agenda for this week contains playing in the Hands On Labs with Windows Server 2003 R2, Enterprise Project Management Solutions (EPM), Microsoft Identity and Integration Server (MIIS), NLB/CARP Load Balancing with ISA Server 2004, Indigo and the new Data Protection Manager - sometimes I follow the lab guidelines (E.g. for Indigo) but most times I don't.

For the Sessions I look forward to hearing about the Network Isolation that Microsoft uses (As a Microsoft vendor I've had all the hassles during their initial roll-out when connecting a non-Microsoft domain joined computer to their network through RAS). Also I'm attending sessions on Scripting with R2, Longhorn Client Security, Microsoft ITs administration of Windows Mobiles, MIIS, Active Directory Federation Services (Including Web SSO), System Center Reporting and not least Running Windows with least privileges by Aaron Margosis (I really enjoy reading his blog - its a 'recommended').

Btw. my postings on TechEd Europe are cross-blogged on the MS Exchange Blog.

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