Thursday, May 19, 2005

Installing Windows 2003 SP1 may cause network connectivity to fail - updated

I have run into this problem a couple of times and after discussing with PSS and a few of my colleagues it seems to be a problem that many users run into. The symptoms are -

  • Inability to connect to terminal servers or to file share access.
  • Failure of domain controller replication across WAN links.
  • Inability of Microsoft Exchange servers to connect to domain controllers.
But there also seems to be other scenarios where this is a problem - one of them is related to ISA installations (Where I first encountered the problem). The problem is most currently seen in LAN/WAN scenarios where different MTU's are used.

Appearantly MS05-019 will be rereleased with a fix to the problem - I havent received any info on what happens to SP1.

Update - Microsoft has published a Security Advisory with further info and it states that the fix will be rereleased in June 2005.

You can find the KB article with more info here.

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