Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Using a custom view from an SMS report

This is possible to create you own custom view in SQL and use it in an SMS report. Just did it. Could not find any info on it, so the method might be unsupported. This is how you do it -
  • Create the view in the SQL Database (SMS_sitecode)
  • Use a name that does not conflict with existing or future names and that follows the SMS conventions. E.g. v_MyCompany_name
  • From the view permission, enable select access to the webreport_approle
In the SMS report SQL you can now reference the view. Note that it does not appear in the list. I do not know how that can be done. Also beware of any security side-effects. Depending on what you do in the view, you may be able to bypass the SMS security so the report user could get access to data he/she should not see.
This is completely unsupported, so the risk is on you!

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