Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Multiple Versions of Virtual PC 2004 SP1!

This is strange. My Virtual PC crashed. Although, that is rare - it is not strange. The strange part comes later. Well I reported the error to Microsoft as a good computer citizen and on the "upload done / thank you very much" box, I pressed the 'more information' link. Just for fun. You never expect that to take you anywhere useful. To my surprise I came to the Online Crash Analysis (OCA) web and it told me that there was an update to my problem. Surprised, as I was, I clicked the link for the download. Now, my expectations were fulfilled - the link was broken. I investigated this a little further, as it made me suspicious that the 'file not found' appeared in Danish. It turned out that the OCA site appends &displaylang=da to the URL as my regional settings are Danish. When I stripped off the language part, I came to the real download.

Now to the strange part. The download was SP1 - but I already upgraded to SP1 last year?? I took it one step deeper and came up with these version numbers:
  • RTM report (build 582) - ORCA say 5.3.582
  • My running SP1 is 5.3.582.23 - but Add/Remove Programs 'Click here for support information' says 5.3.582.24?
  • I already had a saved, downloaded SP1 kit - it is 5.3.582.24. Obviously, I did not use this when I upgrade - or did I?
  • The new download is 5.3.582.27

SP1 is not SP1 - I think I will upgrade again...

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