Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My favorite free Office Communicator tool – quick dialer from ESTOS

My favorite tool for Office Communicator is the ESTOS PhoneTools for Office Communicator and it works so well that I thought I would return the favor by doing some free advertising for ESTOS ;-)

The tool provides the ability to highlight a phone number in any program / web page like this one from our webpage at Inceptio -


After which you can press a hotkey (F8 is default) to dial the number. The configuration is very simple, you install it and then configure the following options -

image image

Notice that the phone number you highlight doesn’t have to be normalized, it will use your normalization rules to convert the number to E.164 format.

The product works perfectly fine with Office Communicator 2007 and R2, I personally haven’t had any issues with.

Go check it out at the ESTOS PhoneTools website.

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