Monday, June 04, 2007

First day at TechEd

So I arrived late saturday evening and got at good nights sleep (6 hours time difference doesn't matter when you've used 17 hours to get from Aalborg, Denmark to Orlando).

Sunday was an MVP Welcome Event day, where I got to meet some of my MVP fellows for the first time and talk to different program managers in roundtable discussions.

The most fun part though was Party with Palermo. It's good to see that some of my MPV fellows are party animals and I also met a fun group of TechEd party crashers (Where's The Party ;-)

I really look forward to a week full of interesting sessions, meetings with contacts, fellow MVP's and product groups. Maybe I see you there!

Btw. if you're from Denmark or Nordic countries then perhaps we should get together for lunch thursday at 11.30 (We meet outside N212) - find more info in the group "Danes attending Tech-Ed 2007"

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Jeffrey Palermo said...

It was great to me you, and I'm glad you had a good time -- Jeffrey Palermo